When you travel for business, it pays to remember that cybercriminals are always watching. Here are five things you can do to protect your company’s information while on the road.



Leave a simple email out-of-office message. The less detail a scammer can use to spear phish you or your company, the better. Omit where you’re going, when you’ll return, who to contact and sensitive information. Instead, alert trusted contacts how to reach you by phone. If you feel the need and your system allows it, leave a more detailed out-of-office message for internal employees only.



Secure your devices according to company travel procedures. These may include downloading software or operating system updates before you leave. If a device prompts you to update your system while you’re away, check with your technology team first. It may be malware in disguise.


Business travel is a fact of life. Take these tips with you to protect your sensitive information and company data.




Use the company VPN for all online business correspondence. Public wifi can easily be intercepted by cybercriminals unless the traffic is encrypted. If you must use public wifi, only visit sites with the HTTPS protocol indicated by the padlock symbol in your browser, and be sure to log out when finished. Furthermore, never use public wifi to send sensitive information.



Always be aware of your surroundings. Be wary of shoulder surfers—thieves that hover nearby to steal your passwords or other confidential information for later use. When your travels are over, changing passwords can further protect you.



Set screen locks on mobile devices to engage after five minutes of inactivity or less. And disable all wireless services when not in use.


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