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Efficiency is key in the battle to protect your company’s critical data. Don’t give hackers the edge by failing to execute day in and day out.






Streamline Your Enterprise Phishing Program

You’ve got so much to do and not enough time to do it.  PhishLine can save you time while improving your address book accuracy! The PhishLine Workflow Subscription automates in-the-moment security awareness activities and eliminates time-consuming address book updates.



The PhishLine Workflow Subscription allows information security and risk management teams to automate the import of data into PhishLine, including the ability to merge data from multiple sources.The subscription was born from customer feedback that included the need to eliminate the time-consuming and redundant process of exporting and importing address books manually. For large organizations, this task can be a major undertaking, especially when it needs to be repeated many times throughout the year. The PhishLine Workflow Subscription provides customers an efficient and streamlined approach to automate this process.

In addition, the PhishLine Workflow Subscription can take advantage of the “Teachable Moments that Matter™”. Customers are able to trigger the delivery of security awareness content to users based on actual events and observations. For example, a simple password reset request to the help desk can now become an immersive moment in which users can receive training and testing to ensure best practices are being applied. Likewise, new hires can automatically be enrolled to receive a risk-based survey to help close the gap between a general understanding of information security policies and the application of them.

How does it work?

The concept is easy.

  • PhishLine provides a “black box” virtual subscription to run inside your network on your virtual infrastructure.
  • You provide the subscription with read-only access to data sources in your environment.
  • PhishLine configures custom workflow rules to safely and securely trigger various actions in your hosted or on-premise instance of PhishLine.



What can be automated with a PhishLine Workflow Appliance?

PhishLine customers are using the subscription for a variety of purposes. Some include:

  • Updating address books from directory services.
  • Merging risk-based user attributes from multiple database sources.
  • Triggering training and testing campaigns based on events. For example, you can automatically trigger a “new hire training campaign” for new employees.