Voice Phishing Simulations That Effect Genuine Change

You set the goals and parameters, we make it possible

〉The most powerful vishing simulation platform available today





“Hello, this is the help desk. We noticed that your machine has a virus. Please press 1 to allow us to take over your machine to fix the problem.”






Social engineers attack through more vectors than just email, so train your users to recognize threats from multiple sources.  PhishLine provides the industry-leading voice phishing (vishing) simulation platform to help you test your users the way an attacker would.

Your employees probably get many phone calls every day.  A response to an unfamiliar automated call or request for a callback means there is the possibility of a malware download or social engineering opportunity.


“You Call us or We’ll Call You!”

PhishLine’s flexibility allows you to choose how you want to vish your users. In the Outgoing mode, you configure the system to make calls to your users. You simply upload the phone numbers within your address book. Rather than emailing, the system will call each person. In the Incoming mode, PhishLine can send an email with a custom phone number as the call-to-action for email, vishing, smishing, or portable media campaigns.



Create Interactive Vishing Response™ Applications

You can fully customize the voice experience. Use the built-in text-to-speech application or provide your own audio files for each step in the interactive process. You can also use the process to define in-the-moment voice training, a unique innovation from PhishLine.


Advanced Campaign Scheduling

Schedule long-term campaigns based on the day of the week and hour of the day with respect to global or target-specific time zones.   For example, employees all over the world can receive calls during their business hours, only on weekdays, or over a set number of weeks, within a single campaign.



Worldwide Phone Numbers

PhishLine can obtain phone numbers in most area codes.  Our advanced campaign targeting option allows calls to appear to come from your user’s own geographical region.