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〉Multi-lingual security awareness training materials for the professional audience




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A robust information security awareness program needs a wide variety of compelling training materials. PhishLine lets you easily customize the high quality materials included with your subscription. You also can integrate your own content or purchase content from our media partners and host it on the PhishLine platform.


Partner Content

Do you need newsletters?  Posters?  More videos?  SCORM compliant content for your LMS? PhishLine is your one source and solution for deploying world-class information security awareness training content. PhishLine has partnered with several reputable content vendors to augment our built-in content.


PhishLine Built-In Content

Our computer-based training content can be used in stand-alone training scenarios or integrated with real-world phishing and social engineering campaigns. 


Training Methods

There are several methods you can use to provide training to your users:

  • Use a landing page to train in-the-moment when someone performs an unsafe action as part of a mock phishing campaign.
  • Send a training invitation based on the user’s past actions or risk profile.
  • Schedule training invitations through the PhishLine platform without them being part of a phishing campaign.
  • Provide on-demand training with a link you post on your intranet.




PhishLine measures and provides detailed reporting on training progress and completion, along with scores that can be analyzed and/or easily exported for integration elsewhere.  You can set thresholds for the completion of training and to determine a passing grade for content that specifies correct or incorrect answers.


Customization Services

Our traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) training is the most highly customizable on the market. Customers can easily integrate various topics into a custom course based on logical sections. Sections contain videos, interactive exercises, and quizzes. From multi-lingual labeling of built-in navigation buttons to the fine-grained control over the behaviors of the Learning Management System (LMS), PhishLine allows customization to match the training goals.

For example, you can keep users from advancing to the next topic until a video is done.  You also can specify if quiz questions provide immediate feedback. Additional examples of customization include:

  1. A registration page displaying your logo and custom fields.
  2. Training pages that include custom colors, logos, and positioning of elements on the page, such as the table of contents.
  3. Types of content and the order of viewing.

Standard Training Content

Some of our standard content includes:


General Security Awareness Training
  • Cyberattacks
  • The Human Factor
  • Incident Response
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Passwords and Password Management
  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
Introduction to Phishing 
  • What is Phishing?
  • Understanding URLs
  • Types of Phishing
  • Spotting Phishing Scams
PCI Training
  • PCI Overview
  • PCI Value of Information
  • PCI Protecting Cardholder Data
  • PCI Data Security Standards
HIPAA Training 
  • HIPAA Intro
  • HIPAA Breach and Incidents
  • HIPAA Security Intro
  • HIPAA Physical Security
  • HIPAA Administrative Safeguards
  • HIPAA Technical Safeguards
  • HIPA Organizational Requirements
  • HIPAA Documentation Requirements
  • HIPAA Encryption

Multi-Lingual Support

The General Security Awareness and Introduction to Phishing online training content is currently available in English, Chinese [Simplified], French [Canadian], French [European], German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese [Brazilian], Spanish [European], and Spanish [Latin American]. PhishLine has the ability to translate multi-media training content into more than 20 other languages.