Comprehension is the name of the game

Assess true employee knowledge using state-of-the-science tools

〉Integrated risk-based surveys to complete your enterprise security awareness program





Develop trained, enlightened employees—and fortify your most critical line of defense against hackers and social engineers. 







Do your users truly understand that information security policy they signed?   Did a recent information security announcement have any impact on your users’ perceptions of risk?   Is your security awareness program addressing the real needs of your employees from their perspectives?

These are some of the questions that the PhishLine Risk-Based Survey module addresses in a thoughtful, perceptive, and non-threatening manner.  Our back-end analysis capabilities lead to a unique and powerful assessment tool. You can objectively evaluate your organization’s human risk factor based on meaningful feedback from your users.


Deep Analytics

Our analytics platform allows unprecedented analysis of patterns and results at multiple levels. Traditional, proven, risk assessment methods promote the use of “impact” and “likelihood” to quantify risks. PhishLine takes it a step further. Our unique qualitative risk assessment capabilities allow for the powerful discovery of the “voice of the employee” with respect to social engineering and other information security risks.




Fully Integrated Solution

The Risk-Based Survey results have been fully integrated into the rest of the PhishLine platform.  This enables you to follow up using our full training, testing, and survey capabilities. Knowledge is power. Let your employees tell you what they know so you can secure your organization from threats.