Suspicious emails? We help employees Phish them out

Dispatch suspicious emails for analysis with our Phish Reporting Button

〉A simple and powerful way to help users report suspicious emails




A phish on a mission—to provide a safe and simple way to deal with emails that don’t pass the sniff test.






Simplified Spam Reporting

PhishLine’s Phish Reporting Button provides a simple and powerful solution that allows users to report suspicious emails to your help desk or incident response team. You control the whole process without needing to develop and maintain your own “report a phish” button.



You can create an unlimited number of custom configurations using the intuitive online generator or manually create JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) based files to:

  • Forward mail to different addresses.
  • Assign different configurations to different people based on multi-lingual text, button image preferences, or any other criteria you define.
  • Customize your image and labels.


The PhishLine Phish Reporting Button maintains the integrity of the original message because it is sent as an attachment. This allows your security team to analyze information that is lost if the original message is simply forwarded to them. The plugin supports both 32-and 64-bit versions of Windows and Outlook Clients for Office 2010, 2013, and 2016, as well as Office 365 and Google Enterprise solutions. It supports multi-byte character sets for multi-lingual installations. The installer works with enterprise deployment solutions. Reported emails may be sent to PhishLine’s hosted or on-premise instances to take advantage of our advanced incident response reporting capabilities.