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The PhishLine Content Center Marketplace™ is your one-stop resource for computer-based security training from leading security awareness vendors. The Marketplace provides hundreds of compelling phishing templates, customized landing pages, risk assessment surveys, and engaging, multi-lingual training content in easy-to-use online catalogs.


Engage Users With Fresh Content

With PhishLine, there’s no need to recycle the same old training and testing.  Our security experts analyze the wild to make sure the Content Center Marketplace is constantly updated with reflections of the newest threats and training resources available.  Engage – and keep – your user’s interest with materials that fit your corporate culture from the wide variety of choices we offer.


Coordinate With Our Comprehensive Curriculum

There’s no need to piece together your curriculum. Our experts have created phishing tests—from methodologies, to lures, to landing pages—that complement the content of our partners’ training materials.  This means there is one style, one message, one way to make things happen from start to finish. This saves your organization time and money by providing a fully integrated social engineering solution.

The PhishLine Content Center Marketplace integrates a Learning Management System (LMS) to enable the hosting and delivery of training.

  • SCORM compliant
  • Supplementary physical support items such as posters, newsletters, and other materials
  • Exclusive Interactive Vishing Response™ (IVR) content developed exclusively for PhishLine by Social-Engineer, LLC, a premier consulting and training company specializing in the art and science of social engineering.

Employ the Best of Breed

The Content Center Marketplace allows you to easily browse, select, and import the right content into your campaign. The variety allows you to identify the types of phishing to which your users are most susceptible and to address those weaknesses with targeted training. Developed from real world social engineering scenarios, the materials allow you to easily follow PhishLine’s “Plan, Train, Test, Measure, Take Action” philosophy for security awareness.

The PhishLine Content Center Marketplace includes awareness training and testing materials from our valued partners.