Unmatched Reporting—For Data Geeks, Newbies and Everyone Else

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When you need to present information in a precise and understandable format, PhishLine’s got your back.





Unmatched Reporting Capabilities

PhishLine offers the innovative reporting you need. Security experts, data analysts, training specialists, and other professionals in a wide variety of positions tell us that PhishLine collects much more information than any other tool on the market. They value the unmatched ability to analyze data directly within the PhishLine platform.

Imagine creating custom “pivot tables” right within the user interface while analyzing thousands of data points. Envision quickly creating charts and graphs that break out detailed information about your campaigns. When you need to present information in a precise and understandable manner, PhishLine’s got your back.


Customized Interactive Listings

You can change the layout of every listing and every report.  This means you can change which columns show up as page filters or columns, and what data should remain hidden.  You can change the order of the columns and rename many of them to suit your needs.  And, you can save your layouts with names meaningful to you so they don’t need to be recreated every time you want to analyze something different.


Interactive Charts

You can drill down into every chart and filter on any field to refine your searches.




Cross-Tab and Pivot Style Reports

Our Custom Reports functionality allows you to create your own charts and summary tables that are seamlessly integrated with the filtering and printing capabilities of each interactive screen. In addition, you can add as many new custom reports as you like.  Each report supports the following capabilities:

  • Summarization by multiple levels.  For example, summarize by Country, State, then City.
  • Computation of “cross-tab” columns, where summary levels are split across the columns.
  • Calculation of aggregate measures such as Sum, Minimum, Maximum, and Average.  Multiple measures are allowed on the same report.
  • Creation of custom charts (Area, Bar, Column, Line, Pie, etc.).   The system automatically formats the chart and enables drill-down and export capabilities.
  • Creation of a custom summary report with tabular information.  You can scroll through pages of the summary report online or print handouts.

Exporting Data and API

You can export data to CSV (Excel) and PDF right from the secure web interface.  Additionally, PhishLine provides the industry-leading Application Program Interface (API) to allow automatic interaction between applications you may be using and the powerful PhishLine reporting engine.