Target the attackers

With a PhishLine solution that fits—we offer several to suit your information security needs




Cybercriminals are faceless, relentless thieves. Protect your company and employees from the mayhem they intend to inflict using every means possible.





You have a tremendous responsibility. Our job is to help you identify threats and live up to your obligations day in and day out without compromise. PhishLine’s powerful features, reporting, and support will help you strengthen your approach to countering social engineering threats. The PhishLine platform allows for deep customization that allows you to connect your Information Security objectives to metrics and discoveries that matter. PhishLine will help you move away from one-time tests and redundant analysis to an actionable, forensic fingerprint of your culture at the user level.

Phish Like An Attacker

PhishLine’s patented, customizable features allow you to move beyond mock-phishing campaigns. Start with initial baseline measurements and move to multi-phase phishing and training plans.  PhishLine allows you to test your users across four attack vectors: email, text, phone, and portable media.  You can create and measure multi-variable, real world phishing scenarios that target your users based on their previous testing and training results. Our advanced campaign targeting allows you to phish your users based upon their work schedules, by their division, in their time zone, in their language, and more.

Report Like A Pro

You need results that you can understand and report to your teams.  PhishLine’s robust, deep analytics, extensive metrics, and customizable reporting systems are designed to produce any level of detail you need. 

Starting with the custom address book attributes you provide, we can report on the micro and macro levels of risk within your organization. For example, your report might include a risk attribute for employees who have access to a certain type of data or process.  Our custom report services can help you design an automated report generation that provides detailed information sorted by division, manager, or other attribute, ready to distribute by the means you choose. With over 15,000 data points at your disposal, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Train Like A Defender

Your employees are a crucial line of defense against social engineers. PhishLine gives you the tools to test and identify their individual level of threat knowledge. You can then move them through levels of training based on their ability to define, identify, and report phishing threats. PhishLine supports a full line of training resources that are available with your subscription. We have SCORM compliant and multi-lingual materials available. We also partner with respected training vendors who can supplement your larger scale training needs.