Milwaukee, WI, USA November, 2017 — In a move designed to fortify the Japanese market against cyberattacks and increase its footprint in Asian markets, U.S.-based PhishLine® has partnered with Pipeline Security, a Tokyo-based information security firm serving top-tier businesses in the region.

The partnership is tailor-made for both companies and cultures. Japan, a country long associated with precision and excellence demands a deep level of metrics and visibility along with local delivery and support. PhishLine offers a pioneering platform that delivers more than 16,000 data points for analysis.

Perhaps nowhere is the demand for this type of approach more prevalent than in the Asian market where recent cyberattacks forced the temporary shutdown of a Honda production plant. According to the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre, around 2,000 computers across 600 different companies were hit by the ransomware named “WannaCry”.

With well-established presences in the region, PhishLine and Pipeline Security are positioned to help enterprise businesses defend themselves from these and other cyber threats.

Both companies had positive comments around the partnership. “Pipeline Security has extensive experience delivering innovative security technologies within the Japanese market.” said Mark T. Chapman, PhishLine President & CEO. “They understand the it and have experience bringing new approaches and ways of thinking that yield success.”

Pipeline Security CEO, Allan Watanabe had this to say: “The human factor will always be the major weakness in the cyber security kill chain. Increasing employee security awareness with PhishLine’s security simulations and training in Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing enables companies to plan and mitigate potential issues when real security issues arise. We look forward to helping businesses in Japan increase their total security protection portfolio.”

About Pipeline Security

Pipeline Security is providing information security solutions and security as a service for top-tier businesses in Japan. The team consists of global cyber security experts who are continuously striving to raise and improve information security in Japan by offering solutions based on global standards and best practices. Pipeline Security provides services for mission critical and information security systems at major Japanese banks, telecommunications, ISP`s, and large enterprises. Lear more at