Milwaukee-based PhishLine is now a PhishLabs Enterprise Phishing Protection Partner.


Charleston, S.C., November 2, 2017—An effective network security solution demands a collaborative effort between the employees using the network and the security tools designed to protect it. Yet, in many organizations, there is a significant gap between the two that can make it vulnerable to attack.

To bridge the gap, PhishLabs, the leading provider of 24/7 managed security services that stop phishing, and PhishLine, an established network security provider with an award-winning platform, have announced a partnership that tightly integrates enterprise security technologies and operations with the human layer of defense provided by security-aware employees.

With the partnership, organizations that use PhishLine’s Social Engineering Management Platform can rely on PhishLabs Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection services to block phishing attacks in real-time, deliver an intelligence-driven awareness training program, and monitor user-reported phishing attacks 24/7. PhishLabs, in turn, will have access to PhishLine’s market-leading, award-winning Social Engineering Management Platform that delivers advanced analytics and reporting.

“We are thrilled to partner with PhishLine, a pioneer in the field of measured security awareness” said Tony Prince, CEO of PhishLabs. “Their platform lets users distill thousands of data points into in-depth reporting that can be used to tailor network security training. Combined with our 24/7 managed security services, we can effectively stop and analyze phishing attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed, which is unprecedented.”

Mark T. Chapman, PhishLine President and CEO had this to say about the partnership: “PhishLabs has extensive experience preventing, detecting, and responding to phishing attacks. What they do is a natural fit for organizations using our market-leading Social Engineering Management Platform. We are pleased to have them on board and look forward to providing the tools to take reporting and analytics to the next level.”

PhishLabs can offer PhishLine’s platform as a hosted or on premise Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, providing maximum flexibility for enterprise clients. In addition to the platform, they will also have access to PhishLine’s Content Center MarketplaceTM, a robust collection of training videos and materials designed to teach users how to combat phishing attacks and other cyber threats.

According to the SANS Institute, 95 percent of all cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email. These can include ransomware attacks, business email compromise (BEC), trojans, credential theft, and a host of other digital attacks that can now be blocked within minutes of reaching a user’s inbox when implementing the PhishLabs—PhishLine solution.

The combined solution includes:

  • a machine-readable feed of worldwide phishing attacks curated by the PhishLabs Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division (R.A.I.D.);
  • access to PhishLine’s Social Engineering Management Platform;
  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis of suspicious emails;
  • real-time identification of reported threats and immediate delivery of attack-specific IOCs to security controls;
  • in-depth forensic analysis of advanced, targeted threats to mitigate risk.

A webinar hosted by primaries from both companies will take place at a later date. Check back for details