PhishLine’s Innovative Approach is the First to Reduce Threat Surfaces by Understanding Differences in Human Behavior

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Milwaukee, WI, USA January 30, 2017 – Anti-phishing behavior management solutions help organizations reduce susceptibility to phishing and social engineering attacks that target a wide range of employees. And yet, personality assessments prove that each of us is different and in reality, some employees are more vulnerable to attacks than others.


PhishLine, a leader in the anti-phishing behavior management space, integrated personality assessment techniques with its security awareness and anti-phishing behavior management training. The result is an innovative personality assessment and social engineering training and simulation platform. The platform uniquely enables customers to further reduce the attack surface by determining which employees are most susceptible to attacks.

This unique approach empowers organizations to proactively identify and train their most vulnerable employees. Available to PhishLine clients today, the tool equips organizations to better understand patterns, including susceptibility risks to phishing attacks and the effectiveness of specific training approaches.

“Our clients are always searching for the best way to take their enterprise information security awareness program to the next level,” says Mark T. Chapman, President and founder of PhishLine. “This new, research-backed innovation helps clients achieve this by identifying behavior-based vulnerabilities that inform targeted remediation.”

Organizations can gauge their susceptibility to scammers and social engineers; to do so, employees simply complete an online survey consisting of self-describing adjectives. Results are factored against existing data to determine vulnerability and aid in identifying the quickest, most efficient method of training for those who need it.

The assessment tool, offered through a partnership with Organization Analysis and Design, is built to the standards of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), American Psychology Association, Great Britain Psychology Society, and the Association of Test Publishers.

For employers who wish to keep the process anonymous, PhishLine offers a patent-pending solution that provides personality analysis integration without identifying specific employees. Employers can use these methods to safely integrate personality data from a variety of assessment tools to develop context-based training.

Chapman firmly believes the behavior-based analysis approach is a step-up in the fight against attackers. “It is a game changer for businesses looking to stay ahead of the threats through targeted security awareness that is grounded in understanding differences in human behaviors.” 

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Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA, PhishLine empowers the world’s most complex organizations to provide targeted and relevant security awareness and anti-phishing behavior management training. PhishLine’s unique approach to security training allows security awareness mangers to choose from thousands of security awareness training resources, while aligning the training with live-fire social engineering tests.

The goal is clear: Provide Information Security Professionals with the tools, resources and measurement capabilities needed to overcome the ever-increasing challenge associated with social engineering and phishing threats.  To learn more about why Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies value PhishLine’s thought leadership in the areas of social engineering, phishing and risk management, visit