PhishLine—PhishLabs Partnership Bridges Gap Between Awareness Training and Network Security

Milwaukee-based PhishLine is now a PhishLabs Enterprise Phishing Protection Partner.   Charleston, S.C., November 2, 2017—An effective network security solution demands a collaborative effort between the employees using the network and the security tools designed to protect it. Yet, in many organizations, there is a significant gap between the two that can make it vulnerable to attack. To bridge the... Read More

PhishLine—Pipeline Security Partnership Delivers Advanced Security Awareness to Japanese Market

Milwaukee, WI, USA November, 2017 — In a move designed to fortify the Japanese market against cyberattacks and increase its footprint in Asian markets, U.S.-based PhishLine® has partnered with Pipeline Security, a Tokyo-based information security firm serving top-tier businesses in the region. The partnership is tailor-made for both companies and cultures. Japan, a country long associated with precision and excellence... Read More

PhishLine Partners with Enex Carbon to Provide Holistic Security Culture and Awareness

Milwaukee, WI, USA September, 2017 – Even the most sophisticated information security programs can prove vulnerable to online and digital threats if employees aren’t engaged. In a move to prevent this disconnect and the potentially devastating consequences it can have for enterprise businesses, PhishLine has partnered with Enex Carbon to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach toward cybersecurity culture and awareness.... Read More

PhishLine Announces Partnership with Master Concept Cloud Security Services

PhishLine Announces Partnership with Master Concept Cloud Security Services Posted by Mark Chapman—President and Founder • 11/14/2016     PhishLine expands into the Asian market through strategic partnership with Master Concept Cloud Security Services.  Milwaukee, WI, USA November 7, 2016 – PhishLine, a leader in empowering decisive action against social engineering and phishing threats for enterprise security teams, has announced a partnership... Read More