Questions we hear most often

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Q: How is PhishLine any different than other phishing solutions on the market?

PhishLine is a complete, risk-based Social Engineering Management Platform. PhishLine will help your Information Security Team take decisive action through our highly refined and proven, risk-based approach. PhishLine helps Security Professionals move away from repetitively phishing employees for awareness purposes and helps instill a focus on deep, actionable findings at the human layer that are immediately returned to your Security Team for analysis and action.


Q: How long does it take to get up and running with PhishLine?

Our initial Information Security Awareness Operational Planning™ session can be completed in under an hour. This session provides your Information Security Team with a clear roadmap for training, testing, and measuring your results. Our team of experts will help you quickly and concisely implement a plan that will yield actionable results and help you steer clear of time consuming, post-campaign cleanup exercises that are all too common.


Q: How is PhishLine licensed?

PhishLine is licensed in a straight-forward, hassle free fashion. You simply choose between our Managed Service or Software-as-a-Service option and then work with our expert team to determine the appropriate scope needed to help meet your Information Security objectives.


Q: Can I customize PhishLine to fit our organization and culture?

Absolutely! PhishLine provides deep customization capabilities within every aspect of the solution and realizes your organization, culture, and challenges are truly unique. Share some of your insight and knowledge with our team of experts and we will quickly help you customize the content and your approach with PhishLine to help you successfully meet your Information Security objectives.


Q: How easy is it to summarize our results and find positive ways to impact user level security?

PhishLine is the industry leader when it comes to reporting and metrics. We go miles beyond summary metrics and provide rich, friendly dashboards that can quickly be exported, analyzed, and presented. Our expert team will help you get the most out of your results and provide you with additional insights on all campaign results. Our outside perspective will help you gain an unparalleled level of visibility and control over social engineering threats.