Helping you create a cyber-secure workplace is our number one priority at PhishLine. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer the following content you can use to further your education, training and information security goals.


‘Click Thinking’ Newsletter

One click on a malicious link is all it takes to unleash the worst the internet has to offer. This informative newsletter encourages users to think before they act, providing helpful examples and insights that make training and learning fun.


Click Thinking 1—Admin Edition

Click Thinking 1—Employee Edition

Click Thinking Ransomware Infographic

Click Thinking 2—Admin Edition

Click Thinking 2—Employee Edition

Click Thinking Phishing Emails Infographic

Click Thinking 3—Admin Edition

Social Media Infographic

Social Media Spotlight


Click Thinking 4—Admin Edition

Spear Phishing Infographic

Spear Phishing Spotlight


Click Thinking 5—Admin Edition

Network Security Infographic

Network Security Spotlight


Click Thinking 6—Admin Edition

Removable Media Infographic

Removable Media Spotlight