PhishLine Brought to Life

A fast-growing company with a comprehensive perspective


Since 1996, Mark T. Chapman, has grown and led a talented team that continues to develop best-in-class, enterprise level security solutions. Chapman Technology Group, Inc. provides Information Security Professionals with the tools needed to meet the challenges of an expanding threat landscape. Mark and his team have continued to leverage proven risk-based principles to provide a powerful combination of metrics and reporting that lead to decisive action, not just awareness.


PhishLine was launched in 2011 to help Information Security Professionals meet and overcome the increasing challenges associated with social engineering and phishing. PhishLine was met with instant praise throughout the Information Security Community and is now positioned to become the industry’s leading Social Engineering Management Platform. Enterprise level customers within the Fortune 100 and the Dow Jones Industrial index have selected PhishLine as their Social Engineering Management Platform of choice. PhishLine has brought a powerful blend of risk-based objectivity and difference making metrics to the user level.


In January, 2015, PhishLine, LLC became a wholly-owned subsidiary to focus on the PhishLine solution while fueling the growth.  In June, 2015, PhishLine opened up the new headquarters office suite to accommodate growth while reflecting the “Class A” enterprise experience delivered by the team.


PhishLine is headquartered in the Midwest with offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. PhishLine also has an active national presence within numerous Information Security Groups; providing insights and thought leadership in the areas of social engineering, phishing, and risk management. The core principles of PhishLine still remain front and center; treating every customer as a valued partner and earning the respect and trust of each through improved outcomes and a focus that puts people and customer’s needs ahead of everything.