Data is our Differentiator

Phishline is not your average security awareness firm. We leverage data like few others to help you protect your business and employees. It's a comprehensive approach that helps you fight smart, eliminate threats and gain greater peace of mind.

Report Like a Pro
Train Like a Defender
Phish Like an Attacker

WHY I chose PhishLine

"We evaluated all the solutions on the market today. PhishLine was the only tool that delivered attack simulation across all social-engineering vectors and provided the data and robust reporting required by our enterprise customers."

-Ed Adams, President and CEO, Security Innovation

It's all about REPORTING

"The true power of PhishLine is in the reporting. The software captures literally all the data required that anyone - from a novice to a complete data nut - could want."

-Christopher Hadnagy in Phishing Dark Waters,
Christopher Hadnagy & Michele Fincher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015